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Introduction of the company:


BESAT pilgrimage and tourism, travel agency services has started its activity from 1996 in the field of pilgrimage tours inside the country. 

IN 2003 with the charter flight warranty and hotels in the cities of Mashhad and Damascus has developed his career and also due to the turnout by citizens, Lebanon tours was also launched.

According to the gained experienced and created potentiality motivated to provide better services in 2008, decided to develop and organize the BESAT Tours Group.To this purpose, Katibea ghasht Travel Agency in Isfahan, BESAT seir-e-khurasan Travel Agency in Mashhad, BESAT kish Travel Agency in Kish Island, BESAT seir-e-Iraniyan Travel Agency in Tehran, and BESAT chaharmahal Travel Agency in shahr-e-kurd launched.

The proposed activities would receive tens of certificates of appreciation and the appreciation of Hajj and Pilgrimage Organization and Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts organization. In order to respect the citizens and with customer-oriented approach, Group Tours mission by taking advantage of young, well-trained personnel in the industry and Also, by employing IT specialists and engineers, established a broad sales network across the country so that, Citizens (as well as the Agencies) can easily have the option to buy a plane ticket (in different directions) or hotel and tour reservations (at home and abroad) through this system.

We also offer tours in the field of health and Incoming Tours for foreign travelers. 

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