Tours Persian Gulf tour

  • From: Tehran
  • To: Tehran
  • 10/5/2018
  • 10/14/2018
  • Stay: 9

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Hotel Air Line Two Bed One The Bed Baby with a bed Baby without bed Description
All level available Domestic and International flights 301 $ 602 $ 00 $ 00 $ Price starts from: 508 USD Reservation

Tour info

Type of Trip Adventure tour
required documents copy of passport
Day 1: Attend the tour and do arrangement and fly to QESHM Island. 
Day2: QESHM Island
take rest and have lunch in the hotel. Visit traditional dhow making workshop and photography at the beach Stay at GORBEDAN sandy beach (or stay in the hotel) 
Day3: QESHM Island
Visit the hand making cave of KHARABS (in the morning) Visit HARRA forest and the sunset (in the afternoon) 
Day4: QESHM Island
Visit NAMAKDAN caves Take rest at the beach 
Day5: QESHM Island
Visit wonderful CHAHKOOH strait (in the morning) Visit stars' valley (in the afternoon) Dive at coral coast of QESHM island
Day6: HENGAM Island 
Sailing at Persian Gulf and see dolphins Visit fantastic HENGAM Island, Unique silver beach, Local Hana tattoo, Crocodile Park. Overnight in QESHM Island 
Day 7: HORMUZ Island
 Visit statues valley, salty mountain, Snowy Mountain, the largest sandy rug in the world at the Beach of HORMUZ Island, Dive and swim at Aquarium beach in the day, Eat fresh fish at the beach 
Day 8: HORMUZ Island
Visit the gallery of paintings made of colorful soils of HORMUZ Island by Dr. ALINAGHIYAN.
Persian Gulf tour

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